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Dir. Klaudia Gschiel

Dir. Klaudia Gschiel



"My capital has been managed actively and profitably according to HelnweinTrading's systems for years and has been rewarded with excellent returns even in times of crisis."


Thomas Vittner

Thomas Vittner

Top-Trader and Best­selling Trad­ing-Book Author

"I teach traders myself and, as is publicly known, trade already for many years with excellent results. Harry L. Helnwein has now shown me new facts and methods that have brought my trading to a whole new level."


Erich Wessely, DI

Erich Wessely, DI

Entrepreneur and Software Expert

"From the coaching activity originated not only a great working relationship but also a profitable - actually a priceless - trading strategy. There is no one else I could have learned that much about trading."