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I am grateful of being able to benefit from my profession as a trader for-a-living which allows me to live freely and independently. My trading is straight forward, constantly profitable and easy to manage as it is solely based on executing my trading systems which I have developed for myself and others. It is a great honor being recognized as one of the leading experts in my field but I always will see myself as what I am: a real trader who makes his living from trading his own equity - and who enjoys every single minute of it.

Harry L. Helnwein, Ing.

ONE Coaching ¦ TWO Results

1 ¦ The Helnwein Trading Principle - The Best Real-World Trading Education There Is, Period!

2 ¦ Your Personal and Profitable Setup: No Guessing, No Emotions - Just Straight-Forward Rules.


My most important milestone when becoming a trader for a living was (and still is) that I had the opportunity to find an incredible coach who gave me the confidence and showed me the way to develop and use my core systems which now are traded by myself as well as are successfully running for others too.

Note: Please understand that individual coaching and mentorships are only possible when time allows. Thank you!



Dr. O. K. (Cologne, Germany):

» Mr. Helnwein’s coaching followed a straight-forward and perfectly structured principle. My understanding of trading strategies has been changed completely. During that process I could gain exciting insights and as a result a totally new trading strategy with clear rules for entries and exits. This would have never been possible without that systematic approach and Mr. Helnwein’s commitment to individually work with me on a professional as well as personal level. «


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